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supper clubs

private dinner parties

community and celebrity chef collaborations

a unique experience of artfully prepared meals of the highest quality, paired with authentic connection and curated in a dynamic and innovative atmosphere; bringing comfort, wonder, joy, and stimulating curiosity


the magnetism of our events lies in the facilitation of an inclusive environment where sharing, creating, and experimenting is all done while formulating something that is cherished, enjoyed, and a one-of-a-kind experience

we use the magic of food, art, and our beautiful space, The Lemon, as a vehicle to explore new experiences that have the potential to enliven relationships, improve quality of life, explore new ideas and stimulate the entire spectrum of senses


we encourage guests to put their phones away and tap into the feeling of each moment

if you would like to would like to work together, or for more information, please contact us

check out our availability and upcoming events here

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